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Bible Of British Taste is back with the third Interiors Boot Sale! We are hoping to have the next sale on the 10th December. It will be the same form as the last one, lots of excellent people ladening trestle tables with the surplus, squirrelled-away contents of their cupboards and drawers, attics and cellars and selling at The Interiors Boot Sale. We are holding it in St Marks Church this year which is only a few minute's walk from the original location Cecil Sharp. There will be a buyer entrance fee on the day, 50 per cent plus of which will go to the Whitechapel Mission - -  a wonderful London charity, open 365 days a year, serving the homeless marginalised in the East End for 145 years.

A couple of things to remember - bring cash, some sellers will have card machines, but the majority will be CASH ONLY! Also, it's a great idea to raid your bag draw. We want to test the limit of those bags for life and fill them to the brim with bric-a-brac.


N.B All Spaces For Selling Have Now Been Filled! 

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