The Bible of British Taste, Tat London & Friends Present 



The sale will take place underneath the amazing Ivon Hitchens mural at Cecil Sharp House Camden, London NW1 on Saturday, December 14th: 10.30 am - 4.30 pm

This is not so much a fair for professional dealers, instead, many of those selling will be from the creative industries and world of interiors and decorating, deaccessioning their own accumulated possessions and so we expect the quality to be high. Although some may have card machines the majority will not, so please bring your money &  your shoppers! 

So far the following people have confirmed: 


Adam Hills and Maria Speke/ Retrouvius

Alan Dodd

Alan Powers

Alexander Hoyle

Arabella Williams

Benedict Foley

Brooke and Stuart Lichfield

Christina Freyberg

Christina Wilson

Charlie McCormick

Charlie Porter

Christina Wilson

Daniel Slovik

Dinah Hall 

Elizabeth Lord

Fliff Carr and Nicola Easton

Gabby Deeming

Gavin Houghton

Georgie Pridden

Gina Portman

Hilary Fisher

Hugh St. Clair

Jessica Hayns

Julia de Pauley

Kate and Jason Goodwin

Kate Dyson

Liz Elliot

Marianna Kennedy, Beedle Coram and Spitalfields friends. 

Mary Killen & Freya Wood

Matilda Moreton

Molly Alexander and Wilfred Lewis

Nicky Haslam

Penelope Sutherland

Raoul and Sonia Shah

Ros Badger

Ros Byam Shaw

Ruth Guilding

Sara Ward

Sophie Grattan Bellew

Susanna White

Trine and William Miller

Veere Grenney